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2010 is Here

Now that 2010 is finally here, I have resolved to keep a fairly updated blog.  Lets see how long that resolution lasts :)

People keep asking me how I brought the New Year in.  Well, I must admit…I was sleeping!  On New Year’s eve, we first went to see Avatar (the Hindi, non-3-d version).  Then we played games and prayed for some time.  Finally, around 11ish, I fell asleep.  I guess my niece and nephew were awake at midnight and made a huge commotion, but I was completely out and didn’t hear a thing.

On New Years day, my eldest sister and her family returned to Hyderabad, and my middle sister went with them.  All of a sudden, the house became quiet.  It is weird how when there is noise, you wish for quiet and when there is quiet, you miss the noise.

On January 2nd, the weather changed.  It had been pleasant before, but now became freezing cold!  But, despite the cold, we went to the orphanage land to spend time with the youth there.  Some of the guys from Ballabgarh had come for our Christmas program and invited me to come.  However, when I called to see if they were coimng no one picked up the phone.  We decided to go anyway.

When we arrived there, I was able to call a guy I had met about a year earlier.  He had come over to the house and we had prayed for him and he said that since then his life had completely changed.  He went from being aimless to finaly finding direction in his life and becoming productive.

Two friends went with us (as sort of body guards).  As I was talking to the boy who’s life was changed, the two of them went outside the gate and collected a bunch of kids who were interested in praying.  The kids came and we taught them a few action songs.

Just as we were finishing up by telling the kids a small story from the Bible with a life-lesson (Jesus feeds 5000), the boys who had initially invited me showed up.  I shared with them some testimonies about my life and our first trip to India after believing in Jesus.  Then we prayed for a few of them.  We have decided to go back every Tuesday.  Lets see where these friendships lead…

January 3rd was Sunday.  At both prayer services, I shared a message from James 3:1-12 about the tongue.  It is small, but can do a lot of damage.  We need to use our tongue for good, not for evil. 

It was still very cold.  So, less children showed up to the morning prayer service…but we still had avout 55 kids.  Some of the children had good testimonies.  A couple of girls shared about pains that were healed when they prayed to Jesus.  One boy shared about how he went for tutoring and his tuition teacher gave everyone some very difficult sums to solve.  The boy prayed…and to his surprise, he got every one right!

After the morning prayer service, we went to my cousin’s house.  My cousin’s son had a son!  So it was a party to celebrate the baby.  According to tradition here…I am his grandmother :)

Then, we rushed to the prayer service in Delhi.  At first it seemed like no one was coming.  But, slowly the place filled up.  we had most of the regulars and even some first-timers.  One man came for the first time and shared his testimony about how he had come to know Jesus, but then fallen away from God.  However, several years later when his wife and children went missing, He prayed to Jesus again and Jesus restored his family.  But then again, he forgot Jesus.  Then again his wife left…and he prayed…and she cam back.  But once again, he forgot Jesus.  And then his son got very ill…and again he prayed to Jesus.  Jesus immediately healed his son and the doctor’s diagnosis was reversed.  So, this time the man had resolved to continue to walk with Jesus!

On Monday, I reconnected with a friend who had moved to Australia, it was really nice.  Finding old friends is so much fun!  Also, in the afternoon, a couple of girls came over to talk.  I had run into one of the girls a few days back at the mall.  She told me that she had come for Sundy prayer some time back.  I invited her to come again.  Unbeknownst to her, her sister and her friend had recently resolved to start coming to church every Sunday also.  So, on Sunday, they had all come for prayer.  I had invited them to come on Monday so we could talk one-on-one.  To my surprise, they actually came.

One of them was from a Christian family, but had married a non-Christian.  She had back-slidden over and over again and somehow felt that God wouldn’t take her back now.  The other didn’t know why, but she was attracted to Jesus and the things of God and just wanted to believe.  We had a good time of fellowship and prayer.

On Tuesday I went to a movie and lunch with a friend.  It was fun.  In the eaarly evening I taught the kids mom tutors how to make origami jumping frogs :) The rest of the day just kind of passed by without my even realizing it.  I spent much of the evening on the phone with some young people talking about the things of God.

On Wednesday I got an amazing gift from God and my Dad.  For over a year I have been wanting a new phone, but I have not wanted to spend the money necessary to buy the kind of phone I want.  My old phone was not working properly.  Last year when I started praying, initially, God just healed my phone.  One day, it just started working again.  I was happy…but disappointed too, because I wanted a new phone.  Well, a few days ago, I again asked God for a new phone.  And Wednesday morning my dad (who knew nothing about my desire for a new phone) walked into my room and handed me a Samsung OmniaPro!   It is a beautiful phone!

Later, a bhaiya came over whom I had met over a year ago at Priyas.  Jesus had healed him of a migraine headache problem.  He has been calling me daily for prayer regarding his business and has seen some improvement.  We talked and prayed and he received the Holy Spirit!  Then we prayed for his right ear.  He said that about a year ago he went somewhere where the music was very loud.  Since then, his hearing had not been normal in one ear.  But, after prayer, he called and said that his hearing was now normal!  Praise God!

Later in the evening, I did Bible Study with another person.  We discussed the stories of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Rebekah and Esau.

I had thought that 2010 was going to start of rather quietly, but, things have been busy…but a good type of busy!

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