Jesus Branded from JesusBrandedDelhi on Vimeo.

Do you love Jesus?  Or perhaps you don’t even know if God exists, but if He does, you want know Him.

Do you have faith?  Or perhaps your faith has been broken, but you are searching for something to believe in.

Do you have vision?  Or perhaps you are currently aimless, but want to have direction for your life.

Do you want to make a difference?  Or perhaps you want a difference in your own life.

If you are tired of “life as normal”…  If you want to live a life full of meaning…  If you want to do something worthwhile…  If you want to see your life as well as the lives of those around you transformed and on fire for God…  Then now is the time to be JESUS BRANDED. 

Our goal is to see complete and total TRANSFORMATION. Transformation of hearts and minds – of lives, families, neighborhoods, cities and the entire Delhi/NCR region by God’s mercy and power. Our vision is to see the Delhi/NCR region transformed from one of the least churched regions in the world to a region inhabited by God’s glory.

If God’s people from every walk of life, every denominational background, band together to fight the battle and claim back our region, the strongholds of the enemy will break, the sick will be made whole, and the power of God will manifest.

When God’s people turn their eyes, their hearts, and their minds to Jesus, God’s love will be revealed, and He will heal our land. As the showers of blessing begin to fall, those who have strayed will return home, the lost will be found, and the dead will receive new life.

Now is the time to pray. Now is the time to repent. Now is the time to obey. Now is the time to worship, to love, to reach out and to experience the awesome power of God.  Now is the time to be JESUS BRANDED.