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I saw an illustration on the internet once and tried it in our church in India to illustrate a point. I held up a 20 rupee note and asked, “Who wants this 20 rupee note?” After I was done assuring everyone it was not a trick and I wasn’t going to make them perform in front of the church in exchange for the money, everyone in the congregation raised their hands.

I took the crisp 20 rupee note and proceeded to crumple it up. I then held up the crumpled note and asked, “Now who wants this 20 rupee note?” Again, every hand in the hall was raised.

I then took the 20 rupee note, threw it on the floor and asked one of the slum children to come to the front and step on the note with her muddy feet. I then held up the crumpled, soiled, 20 rupee note. I asked again, “Now who wants this 20 rupee note?” Every hand in the hall shot up again.

No matter what was done to the money, every person in the congregation still wanted it because the money did not decrease in value. Despite being crumpled and soiled, it was still worth 20 rupees.

In the same way, many times in our lives, we are crumpled, dropped and soiled by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel beaten and worthless. But, God has been showing me that no matter what we have done, no matter what we have been through, what has been done to us, He still loves us the same. No matter how far we have run away from Him, no matter what we have said to Him or about Him, we never lose our value in His sight.

He is not just looking for the gift with the golden wrapping, or the one with the most shine. He wants each one of us to give ourselves to Him. God wants to use us, fill us and dwell with every one of us. He wants to take the mess our lives have become and turn them into a message of hope.

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