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Day 3 – Beyond Imagination

Wednesday, July 22 was the first day of the South Asian Global Convention 2009.  The night before, they had told us that since the convention does not start until mid-afternoon, we would be on our own for breakfast and lunch.  Mom and I had planned on walking over to some nearby restaurants to grab a bite.  But, when we woke up, it was raining, and so that didn’t seem like a possibility.  But, God is so good.  Ranee Didi came and took great care of us.  She got us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast and Subway sandwiches for lunch!  Subway sandwiches…what a treat…I love anything that reminds me of home!

There are a few hundred delegates at the convention from around the world – US, Canada, UK, Nepal, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Kenya, India, Pakistan, etc.  It is kind of weird…in London, mostly girls attended, and here mostly it is guys.

The convention started with some ice breakers that were fun.  And then several people shared their testimonies of how God opened doors for them to be able to come to the convention.  God provided miracle visas, miracle finances and miracle connections for people to come.  One lady testified that initially someone had offered to sponsor her to come to the convention from the Phillipines.  But, at the last minute, the person backed out.  She was very angry and disappointed.  But, God cheered her up by finding her a new sponsor in an unexpected way!

Just before the first session started, I got word that God has opened the door for me to minister at a church on Sunday morning!  Praise Jesus!  This is another answer to prayer.  I kept intending to send out an email to all of my contacts asking them if they new of any opportunities to share in Singapore.  But, I never got around to it.  So, I left it up to God, but didn’t really think anything would happen.  I wanted to have ministry opportunities in Singapore, but I didn’t think it was going to be possible.  But our God is a God of impossibilities!

The first session started with amazing worship.  They started by welcoming Jesus as the guest of honor, with a dhol and bagpipe music, dancers with flags, followed by the blowing of a shofaar.  It was quite awesome to behold!

The main speaker shared his testimony of how God brought him through a difficult phase of his life to living in victory.  18 years ago, he was wrongfully accused of corruption.  Prior to that he was a successful and very well-respected lawyer.  But, as a result of the accusations and following conviction, he lost everything and was disbarred from practicing law.  But, he held on to Jesus and Jesus eventually cleared his name and restored all that was lost back to him.  The speaker, Mr. Glenn Knight, encouraged us that no man or principality can hold us down when God is with us.

After the session I had a chance to talk to the girl who is a Sikh convert from Amritsar.  She shared how her parents used to be very sick.  They had tried all sorts of faith healers from every religion, but all to no avail.  But, when they tried Jesus, He answered.  Still, she did not want to believe until Jesus came to her in a dream/vision and spoke to her and revealed himself through a personal encounter.  Since then, God has completely transformed her life and is using her for His glory!

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