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Day 8 – God’s Provision

One thing that I had asked God for this trip was that He would pay for it. If He wanted us there, then He needed to pray our airfare. I didn’t want anyone to be able to point a finger at our God and say that He was not able to provide. Slowly we got money for various places to pay for our ticket, but it was not enough. It was not until we were literally at the airport did we get the full amount! But praise God, where it seemed impossible that our tickets would be paid for, He did the impossible!

Our last day in Singapore was very very busy. As soon as we got dressed, we went to the lunch with the Singaporean businessmen. We shared with them what God has put on our hearts. They asked us to make a business plan with more concrete numbers and submit it to them. That will be one of our first projects once we return to Delhi. Please pray that the Lord’s will be done. If it is His will, let the finances come. I only want to move forward according to His will.

When we got back to the hotel room, we had a chance to chat with Pastor Pritam. As we were chatting with him, others joined us. I also had to do the interview for The Christian Post. We visited with various people until it was time for us to go to the airport.

I had one strange, or not so strange experience. I met a lady, she wasn’t part of the conference, but she had heard my plenary session. Since then, she had been desiring some alone time with me. And somehow, we ended up in a room alone together. She immediately jumped at the opportunity. She told me a testimony about how she had prayed for an elderly lady who had been sitting in a wheelchair for 6 months because of various ailments. After prayer, the lady had gotten up and walked about. She wanted to pray for me too, so we prayed together. Afterwards, she asked me to try and stand. I did. But nothing happened. Then the lady began saying that it must be because I do not have enough faith or I am limiting God or do not want it enough. I hate when people do that. I am sure I want to be healed more than others want to see me healed. And I have full faith that Jesus will heal me. But, I am waiting for His time. People who are sick don’t need others blaming them when the miracle does not happen. Those praying should encourage, not discourage.

Ranee Didi and her sister took us to the airport. We had brought some CDs from a young artist who has just left his job to serve God full time. Unfortunately we had been unable to sell any of them. I had wanted to sell them and give the entire proceeds to the artist to encourage him. Now, we were trying to figure out if we would buy them from him and try to sell them in the US. But, during the car ride, Ranee Didi’s sister offered to buy all of them! What a blessing! God is so good. He blesses us beyond what we can think or imagine.

At the airport Ranee Didi’s sister also bought us french fries. They tasted so good!

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