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From God’s Eyes

Nature is so perfect.  Everything works in harmony.  One of my brothers in church, Abhishek, shared about a recent trip to Rishikesh.  He said that one night a group of friends went to the bank of the river Ganges to sit and talk.  As they were talking, his eyes were diverted by a tiny light.  It was a firefly.  And soon, he saw another firefly…and another.  They were so beautiful, shining in the darkness.  It was like they were dancing in rhythm.

He began to listen to the sound of the mighty river.  He quietly got up and went to a secluded area to sit on his own.  As he listened to the river, he began to hear the beautiful music the waves were making in front of him.  Then he realized that another sound was coming from behind him.  It was the sound of thousands of insects.  He intently listened and began to hear the perfectly orchestrated symphony playing all around him.

This symphony is part of God’s perfect and beautiful creation.

Yesterday in church, even before Abhishek shared all of this, a simple thought occurred to me.  God’s creation is beautiful.  All of God’s creation is beautiful.  We all find beauty in the hills and the valleys.  We find beauty in the birds, the trees and the flowers.  We find beauty in the sunset and the moonlight.  But, there is even beauty in the lizard, the mosquito, and crocodile.  Most of us can’t immediately see that beauty.  Maybe, we may not see that beauty, because we are looking from human eyes.  But, if we look from God’s eyes, the beauty will be evident.  Because, I am sure that everything that God created is beautiful in His eyes.  So, perhaps we need to begin to look at life from God’s eyes.

I think people are one of God’s most beautiful creations.  And even our lives are beautiful in His sight.  The word of God tells us:

All things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28.  Thus, He is working things out in our lives to be good and beautiful.

Now you may be thinking, “My life is not very beautiful.”  Perhaps your life is full of darkness, sorrows, troubles or even sin.  This reminds me of a story that goes something like this:

There was a little girl who sat at her mother’s feet and watched her mother embroider.  Looking at the underside of her mother’s handiwork, the girl could only see a jumble of strings in various colors, blue, red, black and green.  It looked like a mess.  The girl questioned what her mother was doing, but the mother simply smiled.  At the end of the day, the mother took the little girl and put her on her knee to show her the tapestry from above.  From her mother’s perspective, the girl could see that the colorful strings were perfectly stitched together to form a beautiful picture.

In the same way, sometimes from our perspective, from below, our lives look like a mess.  But, God is looking down from above and sees the beautiful picture He is weaving.

We need to start looking at life from God’s eyes.  The Bible teaches us in James 1:2 to “count it pure joy when you fall into trials.”  If we can keep in mind that the current trial is just part of God’s design in creating the beautiful tapestry of our lives, then we will not fret, but be able to rejoice.  Only when begin to look at life from God’s eyes will we be able to truly rejoice and be at peace, knowing that He is working everything together for our good.

I encourage you to take the time today to pray and ask God to help you to start seeing the world, your life and all around you from His eyes.

4 Responses to “From God’s Eyes”

  1. Divanshu Sandhu says:

    How great is our God..!!

  2. Dharam Singh says:

    hello Friends….

    According to me, if you believe at heart for God or anything i am 100% sure you will feel and will know..what does not know others…main thing be true and loyal what you really want…and above description for god i can believe because i have also seen magic of god in my Home so i believe on you….

    Thank you,

    Dharam Singh
    Lawyer,Manager HR and Civil services candidate.


  3. Elcorin says:

    Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your

  4. Pooja says:

    God has surely given each of us a beautiful life!He’s created a wonderful picture all around us!If only we spend a little time in admiring these things that God has given us and try to find their purpose in our lives, we would realize how marvelous our God is who created all these things.

    He is a wonderful artist!:)

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