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I See Your Face

On Sunday, in church, we were singing a worship song with the line, “Everywhere I look, I see Your face,” when all of a sudden a thought occurred to me.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if everywhere we looked we actually saw His face? 

If we saw God everywhere, our lives would completely change.  When we were sad, we we would look up and see Jesus smiling at us.  I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for the frown to turn upside down.  When we were worried, we would turn around to see Jesus’ eyes re-assuring us.  Knowing He has our back, we would be able to rest easy.  When we were afraid, we would look to our side, and find Jesus walking with us.  Feeling Him at our side, we would be able to overcome all fear.  When we were hopeless, we would look forward to see Jesus clearing the way.  Seeing that our today and tomorrow are  in His hands, we would be able to believe once again.

Life would be so much more beautiful if truly everywhere we looked, we saw His face.

And the truth is that God is everywhere and in everything.  He is always with us.  And if we open our eyes and look, we can see His reflection in all of His creation.  We can see His face at every turn.  But we have to open our eyes and look.

One of the biggest reasons we do not see God everywhere and in everything is that we don’t have time to see God anywhere.  We pack our lives with so many things, that unfortunately, God is often the furthest one from our thoughts.  There is work or studies.  Then the gym.  We can’t forget to schedule time for friends.  And we must always remember to do our civic duty.  We have family responsibilities.  Overtime.  Fun and frolic.  Where is the time to see His face? 

To see His face, we must first seek His face.  In the Bible, God clearly tells us: Those who seek Me diligently, will find Me.  Proverbs 8:17.  So, we must take the time to seek Him…to seek His face.  Look for God in every tree, every flower, and every petal.  Look for God at every turn, every fork, on every bridge.  Look for God in every situation, every joy, and in every sorrow.  Look for God in every person, in every friend, in every foe.  And everywhere you look, you will see His face.

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