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Take Time to Pray

“I’ll pray in a little while.”  “Oh, maybe in another fifteen minutes.”  “I’ll pray after this show is over.”  “I need to make a few phone calls before I pray.”  “Oh, I just remembered, I need to do this one thing before I pray.”  “I’ll pray before I go to sleep.”  “I’m falling asleep…I’ll pray tomorrow.”

How many times do we put off praying?  We are often too busy to pray.  And even when we make the time to pray, as soon as we begin, the phone rings…or we remember something “important” that needs to be done.

A lot of people tell me that they do not see God moving in their lives.  They tell me that they don’t experience miracles.   They claim that God doesn’t talk to them.  When in reality, it is the other way around: They do not talk to God.  The Bible says, Ask, and it will be given to you.”  Luke 11:9.  So, if you want it, you need to ask for it…you need to pray for it.

Most of the time we do not take the time to pray…but then we wonder why things do not happen.  I have noticed that if we take a few minutes to pray, things become much simpler…and things begin to happen.

A recent incident re-confirmed this notion to me.  Mom and I were invited to share at a meeting in a neighboring city.  However, that day we did not have a cell phone with us.  We arrived at the address we were given, but no one was there.  We waited and waited…but no one came.  Finally, we went to a gas station and made a few phone calls, only to be connected to voicemail.  Mom left a message saying we would be waiting at the address we were given.

Again, we returned to that address and waited.  No one came.  We drove around a bit and found a building that looked like it might be the venue, but people there told us they had no idea of such a meeting.  Finally we went back to the original address again. 

After waiting for what felt like an eternity, we decided that there was no point in waiting any longer.  Just as we were leaving an SUV with two girls pulled up next to us and asked, “Are you Sungeeta?”

Later we found out that the two girls had been looking for us for quite some time.  They did not know what address we had been given (the guy who had given us the address was sick at home).  The girls had been driving around for sometime, but, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  They had no hope of finding us.  But then, they decided to stop and take a minute to pray.  As soon as they were done praying, they drove a little ways and immediately found us!

The power of prayer!

I encourage you, today, if you want to see God move…if you want to see things happen…take time to pray, even when you think you do not have time.  Because remember, prayer takes less time than it saves!

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