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Have you ever wished for someone in your life who loved you so much that he would grant you even the smallest desires of your heart?  He would know you so intimately that, at times, you wouldn’t even have to speak your mind, and it would be as if he could read your thoughts?  He would give you your desires even before you verbalized them?

Well, I have found such a person.  That person is Jesus.

When we were in the US in March, my brother’s company,, had donated t-shirts for us to pass out to the slum kids who come to our home every week for worship.  On a given Sunday we used to anywhere from 50-70 children come from the neighboring slums.  So, we brought 80+ shirts to distribute, to be on the safe-side. also gave us matching t-shirts for our youth group.

My desire was that we would pass out the shirts to the slum children and to the youth and they could both wear them at the first youth retreat we held after our return from the US.  I wanted to take some group pictures with everyone in “uniform” and send them to the team as a sort of “thank you.”

We were able to give the youth group their shirt soon after returning from the US in April.  However, we were unable to distribute the shirts to the slum children that visit our home every Sunday morning for prayer.  We don’t know how, but after returning from the States, the number of slum children coming to our home on a weekly basis nearly doubled.  We were having a regular influx of 80-120 children.  With only 80 some shirts, there was no way we could distribute them until the number of kids was less.

We waited, week by week, thinking that the number of kids would lessen.  First we thought that perhaps the kids were coming because it was summer holidays.  But even after the holidays ended, the kids continued to come.

The date for the youth retreat was set, but we had not been able to distribute the shirts to the children.  I thought, “Oh well, maybe next time.”

But Jesus is so awesome.  The week just before the youth retreat, only 70-80 children showed up and we were able to distribute the shirts!  And at the youth retreat everyone was able to wear their shirts together…just as I had wanted!

I know it was a silly desire…but that is just it…Jesus cares about my silly desires.  And you know what?  He cares about your silly desires too.  Ask Him and He will show you.  He loves you more than you can imagine.

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  1. Vikas Kenneth Singh says:

    Brothers/Sisters, Good work & sincere exertions by his people/children are blessed by HIS Grace.

    Keep-up the adept work in HIS name, Praise JESUS always !!

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